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Herpes Passions is a network of the Passion Online Dating group. It was created to bring together people living with herpes as a way to allow them to date as freely as other people do. All members get to talk through messages and online calls, and even in chat rooms. The site has one of the largest memberships for online dating sites for people living with STDs and similar diseases. Members sign up very easily but securely, and also get to participate in fun activities like posting photos and playing video games.

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How the site works

New users get on the platform by searching for the site on the internet. Next, a user needs to set up their own account, to be used whenever they are navigating Herpes Passions and meeting new people. To sign up, one provides their e-mail address and a secure password, preferably one that they have not used to secure other online accounts. Users may also sign up using Facebook if they prefer, and use their Facebook login details to access their account wherever needed.

The website also asks for validation of the e-mail address provided as well as a security image code. New users are required to provide personal details to be placed on their profiles for other interested people to see. A person only provides as much as they are comfortable with, but like with other online dating sites, providing false information is discouraged.


Creating an account on the site is free for all users. This attracts a larger membership, unlike other dating websites that require every user to pay a monthly fee. Users who sign up for free are able to see the profiles of other members, post their own content, and even gain access to books and forums that discuss herpes and how to manage the infection. Even so, there are users who prefer to increase the perks they get on the website, or to keep certain information inaccessible to other internet users. Here, one needs to pay a monthly fee of $4.95 and get gold membership.

Features for standard membership

Standard membership refers to the free accounts that are accessible to all users at no cost at all. Standard membership comes with several features. Users get to create their own profiles and add photographs or post videos about their day-to-day lives. They can also view the profiles of others without restrictions. Standard membership also allows users to join chat rooms and interact with other members of the site. The site also has message boards that standard members can use to pass information to the people they are interested in. In addition, they can access blogs, videos, books, forums, and other published materials about herpes as an STD and how to manage the disease while still living a fulfilling life.

Features for gold membership

Because they pay a monthly fee, gold members get to have extra features on their accounts, in addition to all the standard membership features mentioned above. For example, they can choose to hide their profiles from public search engines. This means that people who search for their profiles and are not on Herpes Passions cannot see them. This is an additional feature for privacy.

Also, gold membership allows a user to access other networks or sites under the Passions Online Dating group. This means that they can meet other members who may not necessarily be living with herpes. Another advantage that comes with gold membership is that users are able to block banner ads from appearing on their accounts while they navigate the website. They also get to have gold stars on their profiles as an extra perk.

Privacy and security

Privacy is safeguarded on the website from the very beginning, when the user is opening an account. The site requires that all members use unique usernames that keep them anonymous. The passwords also need to be strong to discourage the hacking of members' accounts. The chat rooms are not moderated, but all members get a warning notification to enter the rooms at their own risk. Gold membership also allows users to give their accounts extra privacy and security and people who are concerned about keeping their information private should consider getting on the gold membership.

Unique features on the site

Unlike most dating websites, this one comes with materials to help the users in improving their lives and date comfortably. As stated before, the herpes forums, books, and other guides make this site much more that an online dating platform. The site also happens to have a relatively large membership that grows every day, giving users a wide variety of personalities to choose from. Also, members can gain access to other Passions websites and meet people of different demographics. The message boards and chat rooms are always active, giving all users a chance to meet new people at whatever time of day they choose.


The website is highly interactive while maintaining the privacy of users, making it very user-friendly. In addition, it is easy to navigate, making the process enjoyable, fun, and relaxed.


STD dating can be very intimidating in the modern world, especially because one has to disclose their condition to a potential partner, thereby risking rejection. Herpes Passions is one herpes dating site that seeks to help with the problem by helping singles with herpes to enjoy the dating process. Here, people from all walks of life can interact without any fear of judgement, and even lead successful relationship lives. In the process, they can also grow themselves using the books and forums and learn how to live the right way with an STD.

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